Instructions for Programming your ShareTech™ Pendant!

Here is how you can add, delete, update or even create your own function for your Catharsis x NFTNYC ShareTech™ Pendant. 

The first step is to claim your NFTNYC x Catharsis commemorative polygon NFT through the NFTNYC swag platform. The first time you tap your pendant to your smartphone, you will be taken to their portal where you can use your wallet or an email address to claim the token. 

To find the NFC sensor on your device, you can quickly google "NFC sensor+Your phone make and model." Most Samsung and Android phones have a larger sensor in the middle back, as shown in the video above, while Iphones have a bar sensor at the top righthand edge here:

Once you've claimed your free NFT, you're ready to reprogram your ShareTech™ Pendant and begin using it!

The next step is to download the free app, NFC TOOLS. It can be found in the google and apple app stores.

After the installation, Open up the NFC Tools application. You’ll be prompted to select WRITE. Click on it.

  • On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to create a record. Click on it to enter the data you need to write on your Pendant.
  • Add your "record". There is a myriad of records you can add depending on your needs. For example, you can add a website’s URL, a command (there are many awesome youtube videos with ideas), an NFT, collection page, or any other information you want to store in your Pendant, within certain size limits.
  • You can only have one main function programmed at a time, but can change the record any time you like quickly by repeating this process.
  • Next, Confirm Your Data. Once you confirm that the address or command is accurate, it’s time to write your Pendant.
  • Once you confirm, You should then click on WRITE. Then hold/tap the BLACK BAR at the bottom of your pendant to your phone’s NFC chip location. 
  • Process Complete! You’ll get a prompt telling you that your writing was successful.

Once you complete the process, you’ll be able to scan the pendant with any modern smartphone (and many tablets), along with other NFC compatible technology!

Congratulations on your powerful new tool, and make sure you let us know all the ways you use it! Tag @CatharsisNFT on Twitter or @Catharsisdesigns on Instagram with any photos or videos of you and your ShareTech™ pendant!