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If you can see this; you're early. 

This purchase entitles you to a Catharsis Genesis Ring collectible; the earliest entry into our multiverse-spanning narrative, and the access key to our community and expansive rewards program.

The collectible is a package--you'll be receiving a physical version of your Genesis Ring, as well as a digital collectible which will give you membership into our exclusive hub, where you'll be able to connect with other members, go on missions to earn rewards, and get the earliest access to new storyline pieces and upcoming physical drops! The collectible is also connected to and will interact directly with a larger initiative, and only those who own these Rings will have access at first.

More information on claiming your Physical ring will be sent out closer to our public sale of this collectible, and access to the community hub will be sent in a post-purchase email!

Welcome to Catharsis.
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